Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy


As Erkon Konsantre San. Ve Tic. A.S., our objective is

• To fulfill all the principles related to Food Safety at every stage from raw material to consumer.

• To communicate and demand information related to food safety culture throughout the food chain.

• To avoid any form of adulteration or counterfeiting at each stage from the procurement of raw materials to the final presentation of the product to the customer, thereby preserving authenticity

• To assess and mitigate risks related to food defense throughout the entire process from material acceptance to the point of sale, ensuring preventive measures are taken and accessibility is restricted.

• To consider the impacts on Food Safety while conducting activities aimed at enhancing production.

• To continuously communicate with both suppliers and end users, as well as intermediate users, in order to eliminate risks that may affect Food Safety.

• To stay abreast of technological advancements, ensuring good manufacturing practices, good hygiene applications, and appropriate environmental conditions.

• To adopt and implement an approach of educated and conscious personnel at every level, continuously engaging in training activities to enhance the knowledge and skills of our staff.

• To continually improve the food safety management system, ensuring compliance with national and international legal and regulatory requirements and customer expectations, thereby enhancing the system’s effectiveness and development.

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